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Veterinary Hospital in Tanque Verde, AZ
Veterinary Hospital in Tucson, AZ
Veterinarian in Tanque Verde, AZ

Our Story

Tanque Verde Pet Hospital has been part of the Tucson community for over 50 years. Our animal hospital has had a history of quality veterinary practitioners, starting in 1962. Dr. Phil Comer took over the practice in 1973. He brought to the practice his philosophy of always doing what is best for the patient while keeping it's owner involved in the decision-making process. His hands-on style and grasp of the complexities of veterinary medicine live on to this day in Dr. Comer's successor, Dr. Brett Hinsch.

Dr. Comer and Dr. Hinsch worked together over 30 years ago at Valley Animal Hospital where they forged a long term friendship. They mentored one another over the years and developed the same philosophy of giving pet owners all available options for treating their pets, from the latest high tech treatments to simpler remedies while working with the owner on a treatment plan together.

Tragically, Dr. Comer died at a young age. Dr. Hinsch had recently retired from his own veterinary practice and stepped in to take over the veterinary role and day-to-day operation of Tanque Verde Pet Hospital. The family atmosphere of our Tucson animal hospital created by "Doc" and Kitty continues to thrive today with Kitty, as the office manager/owner and long time friends Lorri and Michelle as receptionist and technician. Their many years of combined experience have made them an invaluable asset in making Tanque Verde Pet Hospital a well-respected animal hospital in Tucson. In addition to being extremely knowledgeable in their field, they make it their priority to get to know every client that walks through the door of Tanque Verde Pet and treat them as a part of the Tanque Verde family.

Something that distinguishes Tanque Verde Pet Hospital from other animal hospitals in Tucson is the soft spot they have always had for greyhound rescue. Years back, Lorri and the staff were instrumental in saving and rescuing hundreds of greyhounds from inhumane treatment at the end of their racing career. Dr. Comer and his dedicated staff worked tirelessly to provide proper veterinary care and found loving homes for these greyhounds. Because of their efforts, the greyhound community has a unique and special connection to Tanque Verde Pet Hospital.

6571 E. Tanque Verde Rd. | Tucson, AZ 85715

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